Sunday, March 12, 2006

Boob T-shirts

Here's a nice selection of T-shirts that have something to do with boobs. We're not talking about dumb people we're talking about women's breasts (well we're not but the shirts are). I can safely say these are the "Breast" shirts available ;)

Now on with the shirts.

Not everyone likes huge breasts so here are some t-shirts for the smaller chested woman who's proud of what she's got.
boobs t-shirt
They're not small They're Fun Size T-shirts

small tits t-shirt
Yeah they're small but you're still staring at them tees

These next tshirts are for the woman with large breasts...
large breasts t-shirt
If only these were brains tshirts

large tits t-shirt
Larger than Average t-shirts

fake boobs t-shirt
Stare all you want. I paid good money for these boobjob tshirts

Here are some funny boobs tees...
colorado t-shirt
Colorado - This nipple is in Aspen t-shirts

real boobs tshirts
Real and Wonderful tees
They also have shirts that say Fake and Fabulous.

jugs t-shirts
Jugs tshirts

knobs tshirt
Like my knobs Tees

Looking for WMD? Look no further than this next tees...
wmd tshirts
Weapons of Mass Distraction Tshirts

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